The Marriage of True Minds


We are very excited to have our very first STR Book Club discussion on May 21st, 2013! Our very first book club selection is The Marriage of True Minds by Stephen Evans. We chose this book because Stana’s production company, Sine Timore, has optioned it and will be working on turning it into a film in the near future!

We would love to have many of our listeners join us on Tuesday, May 21st to discuss this quirky, sweet, and funny book. Check back here over the next week to get a preview of some of the discussion questions that will guide our conversation!

STR #143 05/21/13 “The Marriage of True Minds” Discussion

Here are our discussion questions! If you would like to share your thoughts below be sure to indicate which question you’re answering!

Question 1

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds

Admit impediments. Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove.”

From Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116

Why do you think the author chose this as the title for the book? How do you see this sonnet reflected in Nick and Lena’s relationship?

Question 2

If you were the casting director for The Marriage of True Minds who would you cast as Lena, Nick, Preston, and Sharon?

Question 3

After Nick’s hearing there is an interesting scene involving Lena: “She tried to identify the moment when the color changed. But she couldn’t. There was no moment of change. Only change revealed.”

What change do you see in Lena/does Lena see in both herself & Nick as the story unfolds?

Question 4

After Lena tells Nick she doesn’t know who he is anymore he responds, “We are who we imagine.” How do you see this idea of imagination determining reality take center stage throughout this story?

Question 5

What did you like the most about this book? The characters? The dynamic between Nick and Lena? The funny parts of the book and situations Nick finds himself in? The love story?

Question 6

Lena always waited for Nick to speak first and wondered “which Nick she would be dealing with” each time. Does this mean she was wondering which personality with which she’d be dealing? Why do you think she thought of his different moods as different people?

3 responses to “The Marriage of True Minds

  1. Tara, from “The story of a crossed love that is star to every wandering bark. Together as husband and wife, Nick Ward and Lena Grant ran a successful boutique law firm in Minneapolis, vanquishing all their legal foes side by side. When Nick’s charming erratic behavior finally became too much for Lena, the marriage and the partnership ended. But-like C.K. Dexter Haven and Tracy Lord-Lena and Nick just can’t quite separate. Lena works out fiercely, keeps her dates with the boring and conventional Preston Winter, and daily battles on against corporate greed. But Nick’s not doing so well. Still brilliant and devilishly clever, he is now also almost crazy. He is prone to fantasy and the big gesture, and he engages frantically in guerrilla activism for the sake of animals wild and domestic. Nick doesn’t make plans; he has visions. And eventually his antics put him back into Lena’s hands. While she tries to navigate the legal waters into which he’s thrown them, Nick veers out of her wake and into the midst of a strange set of companions, including Oscar, his psychiatric attendant and Action Comics collector; Ralph and Alice Wilson, the rebellious managers of the city animal shelter; and an aging Russian hound named Wolfram. Often laugh-out-loud funny, with bright wit and brilliant machine-gun dialogue, The Marriage of True Minds sweetly explores modern love, undying idealism, and one cracked partnership that can’t be sundered-from without or from within.”

  2. Answer to q2: I can only cast the two main characters, George Clooney as Nick and Stana as Lena. The whole time I was reading the book, I was imagining them in the roles and they had the perfect chemistry.

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