STR #200 01/13/15 S7e11 “Castle P.I.” Recap

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Happy 2015, everyone! Our favorite show kicked off the new year with “Castle P.I.,” written by Rob Hanning and directed by Milan Cheylov. Join us tonight in the STR roundtable as we discuss this fun episode that delivered several laugh-out-loud scenes along with some classic Caskett moments that had many of us squeeing with delight.

Here are tonight’s questions:

1. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding this story arc after the mid-season finale aired. Did last night’s episode turn out the way you anticipated it would? Did you find yourself pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised in any way?

2. Overall, what did you enjoy about last night’s episode? Did you have a particular favorite scene/line/etc?

3. It was interesting to see how the team at the 12th functioned without Castle as a member. What did you think of that dynamic?

4. What are your thoughts about the Castle/Beckett dynamic and how it seems to have been affected by this change in their lives?

One response to “STR #200 01/13/15 S7e11 “Castle P.I.” Recap

  1. I really liked it. I loved how writers brought the 2 together (the 12 the and the PI.. Kate and Castle were great as usual

    You could see his feelings hurt and her emotions toward that.
    The boys done a good job also I especially like Little Castle. Lol

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