STR #197 12/02/14 S7e9 “Last Action Hero” Recap

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Join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we recap and discuss “Last Action Hero,” written by Christine Roum and directed by Paul Holahan.

1. That last scene with Beckett leaving her apt for the final time made a lot of viewers very emotional. What was it about that scene that you think was so powerful? What did that apartment symbolize to you as a viewer?

2. Last season Beckett brought up her Aunt Theresa. We had a fun discussion imagining the actresses we would love to see  play her. Last night, Beckett mentioned that her cousin Sofia would be taking over her apartment. So, if you could cast one actress to play cousin Sofia, who would you choose and why?

3. “Last Action Hero” reminded us of past classic Castle episodes in which Beckett and Castle found themselves at odds (in the most playful way possible). For many of us, it brought to mind episodes such as “Wrapped Up in Death,” “The Way of the Ninja,” “Scared to Death,” “Demons,” “Undead Again,” and, most recently, “Clear & Present Danger” to name just a few. These episodes always pit the logical Beckett against the fanciful Castle with inevitable entertaining results. What, if anything, do you enjoy about episodes such as these?

4. What was fun/enjoyable about last night’s episode for you? Beyond the final scene, what was another moment that really stood out for you?

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