STR #195 “Once Upon A Time in the West” Recap s7e7

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YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA!!!! Last night’s episode of Castle had our favorite newlyweds jetting off to the Wild West to solve a murder…their first murder as husband and wife! Though this wasn’t their ideal honeymoon, both Mrs. Castle & Mr. Beckett had a pretty rootin’ tootin’ time in the end. Written by Terence Paul Winter and directed by Alrick Riley, this episode yielded a lot of laughs, several romantic moments between our newlyweds, and even a Badass Beckett moment thrown into the mix.

We hope you will join us tonight on STR as we discuss “Once Upon A Time in the West”!

Here are tonight’s round table discussion questions:

1. What did you think about the episode overall? Is there a certain scene that stands out as your favorite?

2. The Old West theme took us out of the 12th and NYC and into a whole different realm of storytelling possibilities. Is there a theme or location that has yet to be explored on Castle that you would love to see on screen one day?

3. What did you think of how Ryan, Espo, Lanie, and even Gates reacted to the news of the wedding? Were you surprised at all? Would you have liked to have seen them deal with having missed out on the wedding any differently?

4. Overall, what was your reaction to seeing Castle and Beckett as a married couple? How do you see the fact that they are finally married and officially committed to one another affecting their relationship and who each is/functions as a person? What would you like to see come next for them now that they are officially Mr. & Mrs. Castle?

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