STR #194 11/11/14 S7e6 “Time Of Our Lives” Recap

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Castle & Beckett sitting in a tree…M-A-R-R-I-E-D!!! In last night’s much-anticipated episode, “Time of Our Lives,” Kate Beckett and Richard Castle finally became Mr. & Mrs. Castle. This episode, written by the fabulous Terri Edda Miller and directed by the uber-talented Paul Holahan, had so many of us jumping for joy, wiping away tears, and kept us trending the hashtag “CaskettAtLast” for hours after the episode had ended. We know you will have much to say about this episode and hope you will join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio to share your thoughts and well-wishes for our favorite newlywed couple.

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1) Let’s just jump right in: What did you think of how the wedding finally unfolded? Do you feel like it was worth all the drama from the season finale and the extended wait? Are you a satisfied fan or did it leave you wanting more?

2) If you were dissatisfied with what happened with Caskett’s 1st attempt to make it down the aisle, has your opinion been altered at all following last night’s wedding? Did the events of “Time of Our Lives” help to ease any still-lingering feelings of disappointment? If you were fine with how things went down all along, how did “Time of Our Lives” satisfy what you have always wanted to see when it came to Beckett & Castle’s wedding?

3) The alternate reality storyline was unique way to build up to the actual wedding. What did you find yourself enjoying most about the AU spin on things? Did the anything that happen in the AU leave you with any questions you’d love to have answered?

4) Those heartwarming vows aside, what was your favorite moment to come out of “Time of Our Lives”?

5) Many of us shared the sentiment that we felt like we were watching two dear friends get married last night and begin a new chapter in their lives together. Often times, when a couple we know and love is getting married, we share bits of advice and wisdom with them to help them along this new path they are about to travel. So, knowing Castle and Beckett as well as you do, what piece of advice would you give the newlyweds if you could?


One response to “STR #194 11/11/14 S7e6 “Time Of Our Lives” Recap

  1. The 6 minutes of wedding were great and well done. The 37 minutes of lead in (AR) was off the wall. I feel there could have been more appropriate material for a lead up to a wedding (romantic clips form the first 6 seasons).

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