STR #193 10/28/14 S7e5 “Meme is Murder” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, entitled “Meme Is Murder,” featured a dark case focused on the world of social media and Internet celebrities. This episode, written by Jim Adler and directed by Bill Roe, had us all talking about and possibly rethinking our own interactions on social media. We hope you join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio to share your thoughts about “Meme Is Murder.”

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. This is just Jim Adler’s second episode for Castle (the first was “Law & Boarder”). What did you enjoy most about this episode? Was there an element or scene that really stood out for you?
2. “Meme Is Murder” was a very case-heavy episode without too much focus on the personal lives of our characters. It’s not often that we have episodes that are almost completely case-centric but, when we do, what, in general, do you most enjoy about them?
3. Social media certainly has become a part of our everyday lives. It has affected so much of how we go about our business, even how we watch our favorite TV shows. How has your involvement with social media enhanced your experience as a fan of Castle? What, if anything, do you see as a downside of social media when it comes to TV fandoms?
4. It’s hard to believe that we have already seen 5 episodes of Season 7! So, here we are, 5 episodes in. What are your thoughts on S7 so far?

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