STR #192 10/21/14 S7E4 “Child’s Play” recap

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Join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we discuss last night’s episode, “Child’s Play”, written by Rob Hanning and directed by Rob Bowman. Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. Last night’s episode dealt with how Alexis has been coping with the aftermath of Castle’s disappearance and sudden return. There was some interesting conversation surrounding that situation. What are your thoughts regarding Alexis’ behavior and Castle’s reaction to it?

2. What worked for you about last night’s episode? What didn’t work for you? Was there a scene that you would like to highlight for one reason or another?

3. It seems that the writers are cleverly planting small seeds regarding Castle’s lost 2 months in the episodes that don’t specifically deal with his disappearance. Have you picked up on anything that has made you stop and go, “Hmmmmmm…”? If so, what was it that you noticed? What does it make you think?

4. There were some moments in last night’s episode that some fans thought were hints about Beckett being…gulp…pregnant. The taste for Castle’s odd ice cream…the extreme nausea at the crime scene…though it seems to have been all for naught, what are your ideas about Beckett as a mother? We’ve talked about this before on STR, but it will be interesting to see where we all stand at this point in time. If you have been firmly against it, are you still there? If you have been for it in the past, have you changed your mind? Do you fall somewhere in the middle?

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