STR #191 10/14/14 S7e3 “Clear and Present Danger” Recap

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Wow! The fantastic writing team of Dara Resnik Creasey and Chad Gomez Creasey have done it yet again. Last night’s episode, “Clear and Present Danger,” was the Creasey’s 3rd episode of Castle and a definite crowd pleaser. We hope you join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio to chat about last night’s episode and share your thoughts.

Here are the discussion questions for tonight’s round table:

1. The interactions between Beckett and Castle in this episode were obviously quite different than those of the previous 2 episodes. What did you enjoy most about the way things were between them?

2. This is the 3rd episode of Castle written by Dara Resnik Creasey and Chad Gomez Creasey. What do you enjoy most about their particular style of writing? What do you think they bring to the table that is unique to them as a writing team?
3. What worked really well about this episode for you, as a whole? Was there a particular element or scene that really stood our for you?
4. The first 2 episodes of this season were quite heavy and dramatic. This episode was definitely action-packed but on the lighter side of things. One of Castle’s hallmarks is that is transitions easily between darker and lighter episodes. Which type of episode do you enjoy more?

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