STR #190 10/07/14 S7e2 “Montreal” Recap

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The mystery of what happened to Castle continued to unfold in last night’s episode, “Montreal”, written by Andrew Marlowe and directed by Alrick Riley. We, along with Castle and Beckett began to get some answers about what happened to him…followed by many, many more questions! This was one episode that had many of us talking and trading theories. We hope you will join us for the STR round table chat tonight. Here are our discussion questions:

1. Now that we have some more information regarding Castle’s mysterious disappearance, what are your ideas about where he was and what he may or may not have done…and what the heck happened in Hollander’s Woods all those years ago???

2. What’s your take on how both Castle and Beckett are handling things as they deal with the aftermath of Castle’s disappearance and equally mysterious return and find, as Beckett put it, solid ground once again?

3. Now that the first two episode of the season have aired and we have a better picture of what this new mythology is all about, what are your thoughts about how things might unfold as this season (and hopefully several seasons to come) progresses? What would you like to see come from all of this?

4. Beckett and Castle have agreed to wait a month before revisiting the question of their wedding. What are your hopes for what you would like to see when Castle and Beckett finally do tie the knot in (what we hope is) the very near future?

5. What was the highlight of this episode for you? What particular aspect was particularly enjoyable or outstanding to you?

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