STR #189 09/30/14 S7e1 “Driven”, Castle Season 7 Premiere Recap

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It’s here! The 7th season of Castle is finally here! Woooooooohooooooo!!! “Driven”, written by David Amann and directed by Rob Bowman, kicked off Castle season 7 and left us all with a million and one questions we’d love answered. As promised by AWM and David Amann in several interviews over the summer hiatus, this episode started us down a path that will explore a whole new mythology wherein Castle the mystery writer becomes the mystery. We hope you join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we discuss the events of the episode, the stand out moments, and the things that made you go HMMMMMMMM!!!

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. All summer long we’ve been throwing around theories as we tried to figure out what happened to Castle. Now that we’ve seen the first episode and gotten some clues surrounding his alleged abduction, what are your thoughts about what’s really going on here? Do you think he knows more than he’s letting on or is he as lost as he claims to be? Hmmm…

2. One aspect of the premiere that was heavily anticipated was the reunion between Castle and Beckett. We all wondered what would happen when these two were finally brought back together. So, what was your reaction to what we saw transpire on screen when Castle and Beckett were reunited? What can you see happening with them as we move forward into the season?

3. This wasn’t the typical ending to a cliffhanger season finale. Instead of getting closure to the events of the season 6 finale, we were definitely given many more questions to ponder and angles to examine. What’s something that you noticed in this episode that you find especially curious or unsettling?

4. To quote writer Rob Hanning, “I’m just gonna say right now Stana deserves an Emmy for this episode. In fact they should just go on and rename the award the Stana.” Of course, we couldn’t agree more. So, what are your thoughts on Beckett’s emotional experience during this episode?

5. Overall, where would you rank “Driven” amongst all 7 season premieres of Castle? What are your thoughts on this episode as a whole? Postives, negatives, lingering questions, etc…

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