STR #188 09/23/14 “Spoil Me STR!!” *ALERT* 100% Spoiler Show for Castle S7

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After what seemed like quite possibly the longest hiatus ever, the 7th season of Castle is finally upon us! Though much of what happens in the premiere and the episodes following has been kept extra quiet, we have managed to get a few spoilers that have us all talking.

If you are a spoiler lover and have some theories about what is coming up for our friends at the 12th, we encourage you to call into STR tonight at 9pm ET to share your thoughts!

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. What’s your theory about what happened to Castle?

2. What suspicions might arise/truths seemingly revealed about Castle himself as a result of his disappearance?

3. What do you imagine the effect will be on the relationship between Castle and Beckett?

4. Moving past the season premiere, there is an upcoming episode that will explore what would have happened had Castle and Beckett never met. What are your theories about what we might see in this episode? What would you most like to see happen in this alternate reality?

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