STR #181 05/06/14 S6e22 “Veritas” Recap

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Talk about a penultimate episode! Rob Hanning and Terrence Paul Winter absolutely blew us all away with this powerful, gripping, and triumphant episode directed by none other than veteran Castle director Rob Bowman. There really is just so much to say about this episode that I hardly know where to start. I hope you will join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio to share your thoughts about this truly epic episode.

Here are the discussion questions for tonight’s round table.

1. Let’s start by sharing our overall thoughts about the episode: What did you think about “Veritas”? Did it surprise you in any way or stir any nagging questions within you?

2. There were so many poignant and stirring moments in this episode. What did you find to be a particularly powerful moment and why does it stand out so much for you?

3. It appears that, after 6 seasons of build-up, the Johanna Beckett/Bracken storyline has come to a close. Were you ready for it to come to an end? Were you satisfied with how it was all wrapped up? Why do you think AWM chose to wrap this story up at this point in the series as opposed to prolonging it indefinitely?

4. With such a major storyline and part of the entire series’ mythology now seemingly wrapped up, what do you think are the implications for Beckett and Castle and/or the show as a whole?

One response to “STR #181 05/06/14 S6e22 “Veritas” Recap

  1. Closing the chapter on Joanna Beckett at this point is the right thing to do. People lose interest when something like this drags on and on like they did with Red John and Pelant (I gave up on both). 3XK is still there and the writers can always come up with something fresh. Also, being married in S7 will open up a lot of new storylines.
    I am really happy and proud of the way this epi was written and delivered. The directing and Stana’s acting carried the epi into a homerun!

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