STR #180 04/29/14 S6e21 “Law and Boarder” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, entitled “Law & Boarder,” was written by newcomer Jim Adler and directed by Thomas J. Wright. This episode had Castle and Beckett delving into the world of extreme sports while dealing with some details surrounding their fast-approaching wedding. This episode was one of those classic light-hearted Castle episodes that manages to balance a complicated case with an entertaining and heart-warming story on the personal end of things. We hope you will join us tonight in our round table to discuss “Law and Boarder”.

1. This was Jim Adler’s first episode as a Castle staff writer. What did you find most enjoyable about “Law & Boarder”?

2. The competition between Ryan and Esposito to be chosen as Castle’s best man almost overshadowed the actual case. If it was your choice would you be Team Ryan or Team Espo?

3. Last night’s case was another example of how creative the Castle writers can be when coming up with weaving these stories that are intricate, complicated, and surprising. What cases stand out as your favorite/most memorable from the past 6 seasons?

3. Thought last night introduced us to a new staff writer, it certainly wasn’t the first “new” element introduced to us Castle fans this season. There were a lot of “new” things going on with Castle this season: new writers, new cast members like Maya Stojan (Tory Ellis), new developments in the lives of our characters, new guest stars we’ve really loved having on the show, etc. Looking back, what’s been your favorite “new” element of Castle this season?

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