STR #178 04/22/14 S6e20 “That ’70’s Show” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, entitled “That ’70’s Show,” took us way back in time to the days of disco and, most importantly, gave us fans the chance to see our favorite cast bust out their best disco moves when they all got the chance to get out on the dance floor. This episode, written by David Amann and directed by John Terlesky, was pure fun from start to finish and had many of us laughing out loud. We hope you will join us on Stana Talk Radio tonight to share your thoughts on “That ’70’s Show.”

1. This episode was pretty unique and not quite like anything we’ve seen before on Castle. What are your thoughts on this episode as whole? Do you have a particular moment that stands out as a favorite for you?

2. Castle has always been known as more a dramedy than a pure drama because of its tendency to blend light and madcap episodes pretty evenly with the more heavy and serious episodes. An episode like “That ’70’s Show,” which brilliantly showcased this cast and crew’s wonderful comedic chops, creates a lot of conversation about what kind of episodes fans prefer. So, what do you prefer when it comes to episodes of Castle? Are you a bigger fan of the lighter fare or do you love to sink your teeth into a dark and tense episode?

3. We’ve seen the cast take on the 1940s with “The Blue Butterfly” and now we’ve taken a brief yet memorable trip back to the 1970s. Is there perhaps another time period you’d love to see explored on the show? If not a time period, what’s another idea for a “fantasy” episode of Castle you’d love to see?

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