STR #175 03/25/14 S6e19 “The Greater Good” Recap

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This week’s episode of Castle, “The Greater Good,” put the spotlight on Captain Victoria Gates. Written by David Grae and directed by Holly Dale, “The Greater Good” gave the audience a bit of a different perspective on the character of “Iron” Gates and allowed us to see a more vulnerable side of her. In addition, the events of the episode gave Castle and Beckett pause to consider that ever-expanding wedding guest list of theirs and think about what will really matter the most on their wedding day.

Hopefully, you enjoyed last night’s episode and will share your thoughts with us during tonight’s round table discussion. Here are the questions we will be focusing on tonight on STR!

1. “The Greater Good” gave us, the audience, the chance to get to know a little bit more about Captain Gates. What did you enjoy most about getting to see this well-hidden side of her character?

2. It was definitely interesting to find out some more about Gates’ past and her life outside the NYPD. What are some other questions you still have about Gates or even another supporting character that you would love to explore at some point in the series?

3. We’ve gotten to see James Brolin play Castle’s long-lost father. Who would you love to see play Beckett’s Aunt Theresa?

4. We’re getting closer and closer to the big wedding. Castle and Beckett had a chance to discuss what was most important to them when it comes to their wedding. What is most important for you, the viewer, to see come the big day? How do you think the actual wedding will unfold?

5. What did you enjoy about “The Greater Good” overall?

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