STR #174 03/18/14 S6e18 “The Way of the Ninja” Recap

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“The Way of the Ninja” took us all by surprise with its fantastic stunt work, laugh-out-loud funny dialogue (I’m looking at you, Beckett), and a lovely tender moment between Beckett and Castle. It was also pretty  fantastic watching Castle see his dream of a ninja-themed case unfold before his very eyes. Hats off to Christine Roum and Shawn Waugh for the script and Larry Shaw for his masterful directing! As with every episode, “The Way of the Ninja” left us with plenty to talk about on tonight’s Stana TalkRadio. We hope you will join us for tonight’s round table discussion!

1. It was really sweet to see Beckett and Castle discuss what might be part of their wedding vows. What do you think is most important for them to promise to one another (and to themselves) as they move into this new phase in their life as husband and wife?

2. Castle promised Beckett that they could never, ever be boring. If you could give Beckett and Castle advice in order to help them keep their life together exciting, what would it be (let’s keep it PG-13, people)?

3. There was some controversy over Castle’s behavior in the geisha house as well as Beckett’s reaction to the situation. What are your thoughts on that element from last night’s episode?

4. What are some things you are looking forward or hoping to seeing once Beckett and Castle are married? Are there any challenges they have yet to face that you can foresee popping up once they’ve tied the knot?

5. What did you enjoy most about last night’s episode? Was there something about it that surprised you in some way?

2 responses to “STR #174 03/18/14 S6e18 “The Way of the Ninja” Recap

  1. I was pleasantly surprised with the flow of this episode. To see Beckett speak candidly about her fears of becoming boring in marriage is such a big step. With their backgrounds and jobs there is no way life would ever be boring as well as Castle has the personality to always keep things interesting or annoying which ever way you look at it. Love, love this episode.

  2. Fun to watch the show, yet still forgettable too. Feel like nathan fillion is “stiff” around “Beckett”. I’d like to see his love balls as well as she plays them. Maybe he still doesn’t trust her???

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