STR #172 03/04/14 S6e17 “In the Belly of the Beast” Recap

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Well, Castle fans, it’s not hard to imagine that many of us are still blown away by last night’s episode, “In the Belly of the Beast” which was written by Andrew W Marlowe and directed by Rob Bowman. We may be partial here on Stana TalkRadio but it’s just an undeniable truth that Stana Katic was simply incredible in this episode. She took us on a fantastically emotional and gripping ride as she showed us just what Kate Beckett is really made of these days.

We are so excited to talk to you all tonight in our round table to hear your thoughts on “In the Belly of the Beast” and hope you will “push one to talk to the hosts” and join in the conversation!

For your consideration, here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. Before we even get into the specifics of the episode, let’s all take some time and give some major props to Stana Katic! Andrew Marlowe said that “In the Belly of the Beast” was a chance to showcase Stana “as a complete and formidable actress” (read the interview here: When we get to see such a Beckett-centric episode such as we did last night, what does it make you realize about Stana Katic as an actress?

2. Why do you think last night’s episode was so pivotal in the Castle/Beckett relationship? What are the further implications for these two moving forward from this event?

3. Beckett was in an incredibly precarious situation last night…and unexpectedly so. How do you imagine the Kate Beckett from season 1-4 would have handled this situation differently than the Kate Beckett we have before us today?

4. Whether or not you saw it coming, Bracken appears to be Lazarus and tied completely and deeply to this world into which Beckett tumbled last night. What are your theories for how the remainder of the season could play out based on last night’s development?

5. There were so many incredible heart-stopping and heart-wrenching moments in last night’s episode. What was one moment in particular that stood out for you?

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