STR #171 02/25/14 S6e16 “Room 147” Recap

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It’s gonna be an extra full round table discussion on STR tonight as we discuss both “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Room 147”! We’re sure you all have a ton to say about these two brilliantly written episodes, so take a look at the discussion questions and come prepared to chat!!!

“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

1. This is the second episode written by Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey, who are quickly becoming favorites amongst the Castle writers. What did you particularly enjoy about this unique and heart-warming episode?

2. There was some really nice continuity in this episode with Caskett naming “In My Veins” as their song. What did you think of this as the choice for their song? Why does it work so well? If you’re not a fan of it as their song, why doesn’t it work for you? Do you have another song that you would prefer?


“Room 147”

1. Let’s give it up for Adam Frost’s first episode of Castle! This newly-named staff writer gave us a moment between Beckett and Alexis that many of us had been hoping to see for some time now. Were you pleased to see Beckett kind of make this moment happen? What do you think that moment those two shared says about the potential for their relationship? Where would you like things to go from here?

2. How do you feel about Alexis returning home to the loft? Would you rather things have ended differently?

3. Overall, what did you think about last night’s episode?


2 responses to “STR #171 02/25/14 S6e16 “Room 147” Recap

  1. Happy birthday Lewis


    1) I love the fact that no matter what happened in their past, they don’t care, they just wanna focus on their present & future together.
    Even the “twists” & “turns” that got along their way, good or bad, are meaningful coz they leaded to what they are today, to them being Caskett.

    I love the fact that they know each other so well & that they’re so secure in their relashionship but that they’re still able to surprise each other &
    that they love & accept each others weaknesses coz it’s easy to love something lovable but to love the flaws, “that’s true love my boy”.

    I love the fact that it’s not a fairy tale but yet it is, it’s not unicorn & raibows all the way but that’s what makes all of it worthy.

    2) It seems obvious now but I didn’t see it coming at all (that’s what I love most about this show, it surprises me all the time) maybe coz it was
    a kind of “off screen” thing but I love that it’s part of their story now, that it’s “official”. This song does weird things to me, it’s like
    a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, a single second & I’m carried away, I replay the final scene of Always in my mind, over & over again. It’s like
    a magical trigger!!! It’s perfect, every word is so meaningful, it’s their story & it’s our story, all the fandom, it’s like we are sharing this complicity.
    It works for all these reasons, the end scene was so powerful & the fact that this song brings all the other memories (The final scene in Always, The opening scene in After the Storm, again the final scene in Murder he wrote…), it’s a condensation of all these moments, it makes it even more powerful & overwhelming..


    1)I loved the fact that Beckett not only didn’t let her doubts criple her but that she wanted to fix the situation, to understand things & not just choose to
    believe something like she used to do. That she cares so much about Castle & Alexis that even if the situation doesn’t have an immediat impact on her
    relationship with Castle (for now), she couldn’t stand to watch him suffer. She genuily wanted to figure it out & then to help. I was so relieved that it has
    nothing to do with her coz I’d have killed Alexis even if it’s a fictionnal character.
    I want them to become friends,to share this complicity, to be there for each other.

    2)I don’t know, part of me feels like that it was supposed to happen, that they are after all a family & part of me is concerned about the complications
    that this could bring.

    3) I loved the fact that this case is so Beckett flavoured, it reminded me of the early cases of season 1. It is so twisted that you wanna know what happens
    right away, this sweet frustration we feel every time we think we figure it out & then it doesn’t end up as we imagined. It’s the only show where I like
    being a fool.
    I love that Beckett has this adoration look on her face whenever she sees him especially when he runs his absurd theories.
    I love the fact that all it takes is a single look & we can guess Beckett’s thoughts, 1st coz Stana is so incredible, every single look speaks volumes!
    & also coz we all fans are part of this kind of secret society, that we understand evey single look they give to each other, as if Beckett’s &
    Castle’s minds are coexisting in our own mind.

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