STR #224 10/13/15 S8e04 “What Lies Beneath” Recap

Lies, lies, lies! Last night’s episode of Castle (8×04), “What Lies Beneath” explored the theme of what happens when a major lie is perpetrated in a marriage. This episode, written by newcomer Barry O’Brien and directed by Larry Shaw, was a blend of levity and gravity and gave us a chance to consider things to come for Beckett and Castle.

Here are some thoughts to help you prepare for tonight’s roundtable discussion on STR.

*Though we are just 4 episodes into S8, there’s a lot of talk about what people are enjoying/not enjoying thus far. What are your thoughts about what’s going well so far this season or what you’d like to see change?

*Last night was the first episode written by Barry O’Brien. What did you think of the episode? Were there any standout moments for you?

*It’s clear that Beckett is really struggling with her decision to separate herself from Castle and pursue this new angle in the Bracken case. What do you foresee or hope will happen with this situation? Will she change her mind and let Castle in? Will she stick to her guns and wind up getting herself in trouble?

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