STR #222 09/29/15 S8e02 “XX” Recap

The thrilling conclusion of Castle’s two-part Season 8 premiere has so many of us talking, sharing theories, and debating plot points. Written by show-runners Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter and directed by Paul Holahan, “XX” left us on the edge of our seat and delivered quite the emotional wallop at the very end. We know there is much to be said about this episode and we hope you join us tonight on STR to share your thoughts!

1. That stunning ending aside, what were some moments from “XX” that caught you off-guard, had you at the edge of your seat, or simply took your breath away?

2. Ok, so, the ending took many of us by surprise, even those of us who had read the spoilers. What was your reaction to Beckett asking for space and time on her own? Are you bothered by this plot twist? Intrigued by it? Indifferent? What, if anything, do you think this element adds to or takes away from the show?
3. Moving forward from the two-part season premiere, what are your hopes for this season as a whole? What can you predict might be coming down the pipeline? What do you think TPW and Alexi Hawley should focus on as the season progresses?

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