STR #213 04/28/15 S7e21 “In Plane Sight” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, “In Plane Sight,” was the first solo effort from Dara Creasey. The episode involved a very involved case filled with several major twists and a red herring or two…oh, yeah, and there was a snake thrown in the mix for good measure. Join us on Stana Talk Radio tonight to share your thoughts on “In Plane Sight.”

Here are our discussion questions:

1. What did you think about the episode as a whole? What were some of your favorite elements/scenes/lines of dialogue?

2. We’ve seen several episodes since Season 6 penned by the team of Dara & Chad Creasey but last night was the first time we got to see what Dara can do all on her own. Give her a shout out and tell us what you like about Dara’s individual style of writing.

3. This was an episode that really highlighted the relationship between Castle and Alexis, something we haven’t really seen since early S6. How did you feel about having the Castle/Alexis relationship take center stage last night? What do you find you enjoy about their relationship?

4. This was a unique episode in that Castle and Beckett had no in-person scenes together. What is challenging to you as a viewer about an episode like this? What, if anything, do you actually like about an episode that has each operating on his/her own?

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