STR #211 4/21/15 S7e20 “Sleeper” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, “Sleeper,” set the stage for Castle & Beckett (and us fans) to finally find out the story behind Castle’s mysterious disappearance. The episode, written by David Amann and directed by Paul Holahan, certainly has us all talking today. We hope you join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio to share your thoughts about “Sleeper.”

1. Before we jump into the mystery itself and how the story unfolded, what were some elements of the episode that you particularly liked? What did you think of the episode as a whole?

2. Do you feel like there is more to this mystery or has Castle learned the whole truth? What questions do you still have following last night’s big reveal?

3. What’s your take on how this mystery was seemingly wrapped up? Are you satisfied or not so much? Was this what you were expecting or did this take you by surprise?

2 responses to “STR #211 4/21/15 S7e20 “Sleeper” Recap

  1. Hi,point 1: The support Kate gave Rick was amazing to see.
    Point 2: There is definitely much more to this then meets the eye,hope this will be a arc to S8.I X my fingers and toes😃
    Point 3: my feelings for the end was again that here is more questions then answers,also an possible arc to a S8. I was nor really surprised,since Amann said in an interview that we would not get all the answers.
    Since I live in Norway,I will listen to the archive.
    Thank you for a great program,and for the support to Stana,she really needs to know that we support her whatever she decides.
    All the best from Norway 🇳🇴

  2. I thought last nights show was perfect. To me it ended the questions as to where & what went on. I need no more explanation …the episode gave a good story, family time, Family time & mostly Mr&Mrs Castle love!!!
    Very good episode !!

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