STR #208 03/24/15 S7e18 “At Close Range” Recap

Last night on Castle it was Ryan Time! Seamus Dever got to take center stage last night in “At Close Range,” written by Jim Adler and directed by Bill Roe, as Ryan found himself in the middle of a politically-motivated murder. This episode had some intense moments, unexpected twists, and a few red herrings that had us all on the edge of our seats. We hope you got to watch and will join us tonight for our round table discussion on Stana Talk Radio.

Here are tonight’s discussion questions.

1. What did you think of this episode? What was a particular element that stood out to you for one reason or another?

2. Though most fans particularly enjoy Castle and Beckett-centric episodes, it’s always good to see the supporting characters take center stage once in awhile. What do you usually enjoy about episodes like “At Close Range” that focus mostly on characters like Ryan or Espo?

3. We had some further discussion of Beckett’s future mixed into last night’s episode. What do you make of all the hints that are being dropped on us? Do you have any ideas about what’s coming down the pipe for KB?

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