STR #207 03/17/15 S7e17 “Hong Kong Hustle” Recap

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Castle returned from a mini-hiatus with “Hong Kong Hustle,” the first solo episode written by Chad Gomez Creasey and directed by Jann Turner. This fast-paced episode was filled with some captivating twists and turns, several genuine LOL moments, and left us with some things to ponder when it comes to what Kate Beckett truly wants for her future. Here are the discussion questions for tonight’s round table on Stana Talk Radio:

1. Kudos to Chad Gomez Creasey on his first solo episode of Castle! What did you enjoy about this episode? What were some lines/scenes that you particularly liked?

2. What did you think of the dynamic between Zhang and Beckett? What’s your take on some of the issues and emotions Zhang’s presence brought out in Beckett?

3. What “mountain” do you think Beckett will set out to climb next? Will it be a family? Can you see her pursuing a political career as was predicted by Simon Doyle in the S6 episode “Time Will Tell?” What are your ideas?

One response to “STR #207 03/17/15 S7e17 “Hong Kong Hustle” Recap

  1. I liked the episode, but its not in my “after winter hyatus” top list. It was interesting see that side of Beckett, because we have always seen her as a strong cop, she was never unsure of herself before (in the show). There are some interesting moment – the morning bed scene, “John Woo” moments, Zhang revealing the truth – but what I love most are the funny scenes between the Main Characters (Beckett smiling at Castle crazy theory: is the character that smiles or the real Stana?).

    I expected something “wrong” in Zhang perfect life because it’s almost impossible to have all that different kind of jobs (especially abroad) and be a perfect wife/mother – I remebered what agent Shaw said about her children birthdays . I was not surprise by Beckett insicurity; during last episodes writers have alluded to Castles future and we knew about Kate desire for a “Better” jobs (season 5-6), so her “little crisis” was natural.

    I think that next “mountain” depends on the show future. If there is a new season, it will be obvious to see a baby and that may led Beckett to re-consider her former study-project (and start the road to be a future 3 children mother Senator). – during this last six years I undestood that writers never wrote lines just for fun so…..
    If the show ends here, well I think she becames a pregnant Chief of the district (maybe with some flashforwards).

    Luca from Italy

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