STR #205 02/24/15 S7e16 “The Wrong Stuff” Recap

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Last night’s episode of Castle, “The Wrong Stuff,” was truly out of this world! Written by the fantastic Terri Edda Miller and directed by Paul Holahan, this episode brought us some good laughs and a big development in the Castle family that was surprising yet touching. We hope you’ll join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we discuss “The Wrong Stuff.”

Here are our discussion questions:

1. What did you think of the episode overall? Were there any particular scenes/moments that stood out to you for one reason or another?

2. The seeds of possibility for a little Castle baby appear to be being sowed at this point in the season. Can you see a pregnancy happening any time soon? If so, how would you want the writers to handle it? What are your hopes/concerns when it comes to introducing a pregnancy or baby into the dynamics of the show?

3. Terri Edda Miller has been responsible for some of our favorite episodes of Castle:

What would you say is your favorite TEM episode? What do you enjoy most about her writing style?

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