STR #204 02/17/15 S7e15 “Reckoning” Recap

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The second half of Castle’s annual two-parter, “Reckoning,” had us all holding our breaths and sitting on the edge of our seats. Now that we can all breathe again knowing Castle and Beckett are both safe and Tyson and Dr. Nieman are no more, we hope you will join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we discuss “Reckoning,” written by Andrew W. Marlowe and directed by Rob Bowman.

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. Coming out of last week’s nail-biter, “Resurrection,” did things go the way you expected in “Reckoning” or were you taken by surprise?

2. The entire cast was really incredible in last night’s episode. Who in particular would you like to highlight as a performer who truly took your breath away last night? What was it about his/her performance that stands out to you as particularly memorable?

3. What were some moments/elements of the episode that you found particularly powerful/effective?

4. Where would you place this two-parter in your ranking of all the two-parters we have had in Castle’s run so far? How does it measure up for you to the other 5 two-parters we have been gifted thus far?


One response to “STR #204 02/17/15 S7e15 “Reckoning” Recap

  1. 1. R. & Reckoning
    2. Tick & Boom
    3. CIA
    4. Bomb
    5. Target & hunt

    I know I’m a little late to the ball but I love your show and can listen to it on the replay. You guys are fun to listen to and I love Stana.

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