STR #202 02/03/15 S7e13 “I, Witness” Recap

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Congratulations to Amanda Johns on her first episode of Castle, “I, Witness.” Along with co-writer Terence Paul Winter and directed by Paul Wright, this episode had a very “Hitchcockian” feel to it with a case that was right up Castle’s alley. We hope you’ll join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio for our round table discussion. Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. What did you think of “I, Witness” overall? What would you like to highlight about the episode?

2. What did you think of the case? Did you have things figured out early on or were you surprised by the case’s twists and turns?

3. It’s been interesting to see how the Castle/Beckett relationship has functioned throughout this P.I. storyline. What’s something you noticed about them in last night’s episode that you would like to highlight?

4. Terence Paul Winter has written so many episodes for Castle, including some fan favorites: A Rose for Everafter, Anatomy of a Murder, The Third Man, Cops and Robbers, Secret’s Safe with Me, Significant Others, The Wild Rover, Number One Fan, Deep Cover, Veritas, and Once Upon a Time in the West. Which is a favorite TPW episode of yours? What do you enjoy about his writing style?

One response to “STR #202 02/03/15 S7e13 “I, Witness” Recap

  1. Hi again,
    1) More attention on the crime itself, (compared to last episodes). There are less funny moments and sometimes that’s good for a crime-series; and in this way these moments become more “important” (public waits for them)….
    Great Music chose to create a characteristic atmosphere.
    Parallelisms with 5×19

    It seems to me or there aren’t precinct-coffee scenes since Rick has been “fired” ?

    2)This case has been created very well: crime scene, killer and motive aren’t obvious. And the fact that the real killer appears on screen in the half of the episode contributes to mantain uncertainty.
    Obviously, if we saw it not as fans but as “detectives”, we’d notice that in an episode built so well, there was no way that the solution could be so simple (husband or his associates).
    personally, I thought about the lawyer (without evidence, just my feeling) when I saw her the second time, in the interview room with the husband.

    3)First thing I noticed is that here Kate acts more as “wife”. She upholds, comforts, supports Rick…. and (as always) helps him.
    It Is the first time ever she brings home paperworks, just to put her husband in a good mood.
    It seems that not working all the day together is strengthening their relation.

    What about Espo, was he really interested on Castle case or would he just change subject? hope the first, so no problems between they two.

    4)Veritas. I think one of his peculiarity is the ability to create a certain atmosphere during the episode so you are catched not only by the cast-relationships but also by the case itself.

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