STR #201 01/20/15 S7e12 “Private Eye Caramba!” Recap

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Join us tonight on Stana Talk Radio as we discuss “Private Eye Caramba!”, written by Adam Frost and directed by Hanelle Culpepper. Here are tonight’s question for the roundtable!

1. Overall, how did you feel about last night’s episode? Was there a specific element that you would like to highlight as one that stood out for you for one reason or another?

2. Though we are only 2 episodes into it, what are you as a viewer and fan getting out of this P.I. story arc thus far? Are you enjoying this scenario or are you already ready to have the gang back together at the 12th?

3. What are your thoughts on why the writers decided to go in this direction in the first place. It certainly wasn’t a necessary twist in the story, so what purpose do you think it’s serving?


One response to “STR #201 01/20/15 S7e12 “Private Eye Caramba!” Recap

  1. first of all, goo questions.
    1. Last episode was funny (less than 7×11). There were a lot of interesting moments (martha and kate, ryan baby C, each Caskett scene – especially the last one). About Espo, is he still angry with CAstle because of the 2 months disappearence?

    2.I’m enjoying it, but hope it will end in 1-2 episodes (and according to rumors about 2-part, it will). It’s difficult create new stories that can bring RIck and Kate work at the same case, although it’s always funny and interesting see Rick and Kate new “love” moment, or Ryan play Castle. The core of the show is what happens in the 12th…

    3.I think they used this new line fristly to bring something fresh in the show and secondly (and i say this as neutral watcher and not as fan) to extend the number of episodes trying not to bore the audience and pass from the wedding/honeymoon to the 2-part climax.

    If i can add a personal opinion, I think that after Kate’s mother murder resolved and the Fall Wedding the show has lost its starting-motif; now the writers are trying to create a new one (Castle 2 months missing?) and they used 3XK as a February climax, but it can be understandable that some viewers (not fan-viewers) have lost their interest after the Fall… I hope writers are able to create a new long-lasting trama, but if they are no able, at least to give us an extraordinary finale [it’s this season 😦 or the 8th]….
    BK pregnancy?? great S7 finale!! (and start S8 with the new baby, so they avoid the problem of a pregnant-detective stopped in the precinct).

    thank you for reading tihs 😀
    i’m writing from Italy so i’ll hear your talk by itunes tomorrow…

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