STR #167 01/21/14 S6e13 “Limelight” Recap

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Well, it seems it’s Facebook official now (thanks to Beckett’s Aunt Theresa): CASTLE AND BECKETT ARE TOTALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! Last night’s episode, “Limelight,” written by Rob Hanning and directed by Bill Roe, saw the official public announcement to the world that Beckett and Castle are engaged. This episode also brought into focus the price of fame and the effect it has on those in the “limelight” as well as those on the periphery. Overall, it was a fun episode peppered with some moments that made us sigh and others that made us laugh out loud (I’m looking at you, Ryan and Espo).

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1. We have often discussed the issue of Castle’s “fame” and how it would affect his relationship with Beckett. What did you think about how Beckett dealt with finally bringing their relationship into the public eye?

2. The development of the more intimate aspects of Castle and Beckett’s relationship has been the cause of much conversation and debate in recent months. Though we may not be privy to too much of the physical intimacy they share, what do you enjoy about what we do get to see happening between Castle and Beckett?

3. Beckett says to Castle that when people write about him, she wants what they write to be the truth…she wants what’s out there to be about them. What would you say is one “truth” Beckett has come to believe about her relationship with Castle and vice versa?

4. We really hadn’t seen Alexis all that much since episode 7, “Like Father, Like Daughter” but she played an active role in last night’s episode. Lately she seems to be a very polarizing character…some fans like her, others…not so much. Where do you stand in the great Alexis Castle debate?

5. What did you enjoy about last night’s episode?

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