STR #166 01/14/14 S6e12 “Deep Cover” Recap

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One of our favorite veteran Castle writers, Terence Paul Winter, knocked us all off our feet yet again with last night’s thrilling and emotional episode, “Deep Cover”. The Castle fandom was anxious to see what would happen when Papa Castle himself (guest star James Brolin) showed up in NYC and stirred up trouble for everyone at the 12th. There was no shortage of emotion or excitement in this episode…and, of course, plenty of squeeing when it came to talk of Caskett’s impending nuptials. Our conversation on STR tonight is already shaping up to be as interesting as ever.

We do have quite a busy show tonight, but we’ll attempt to get through all of these discussion questions!

1. What do you make of Jackson Hunt/Anderson Cross/whoever he really is? What do you think his true motivation was in “Deep Cover”?

2. “Deep Cover” brought Jackson into contact with both Beckett and Martha. What did you think of his interactions with the women in Castle’s life?

3. Let’s all take a moment to revel in the idea of a September wedding for Castle and Beckett…oooohhhh…aaaaahhhh. Ok, now that that’s done, do you anticipate the wedding plans going off without a hitch? What’s your prediction for the Caskett wedding?

4. The theme of family is something that’s been deeply explored so far this season on Castle. How do you think both Beckett’s and Castle’s idea of what family means has evolved in recent years, particularly since they’ve gotten together?

5. James Brolin has been so great as Castle’s father. Had he not been chosen for the role, who else would you have liked to see play Papa Castle?

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