STR #168 02/04/14 S6e14 “Dressed To Kill” Recap

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We hope you enjoyed last night’s episode of Castle, “Dressed to Kill,” which was written by veteran team member Elizabeth Beall and directed by Jeannot Szwarc. Here are tonight’s roundtable discussion questions! Hope you’ll join in on the conversation tonight!

1. The last scene of the night was quite powerful and emotional for both Castle and Beckett. What did it reveal to you about the current state of their relationship?

2. A spring wedding for Castle and Beckett sounds pretty perfect! Knowing that the wedding will take place by season’s end, what are your thoughts regarding how it will all unfold?

3. Frances Fisher did such a fantastic job as Matilda King. What did you enjoy most about Matilda King? What do you think her presence added to last night’s episode?

4. Speaking of awesome guest stars, Who would you love to see show up on Castle one day? What role could you imagine him/her playing?

5. What was a favorite scene of yours from “Dressed to Kill”?

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