STR #165 01/07/14 S6e11 “Under Fire” Recap

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Last night’s episode, “Under Fire”, had us all on edge from start to finish as Ryan and Esposito’s lives hung in the balance. Andrew Marlowe and David Ammann wrote such an emotionally stirring episode that was truly masterfully directed by Paul Holahan. This episode really got the new year and second half of Castle S6 started off with a bang…literally. 😉

Here are tonight’s roundtable questions:

1. This episode really focused on the Ryan/Esposito partnership unlike any other episode ever has. What’s something you particularly enjoy about the relationship these two have cultivated over the years?

2. This episode took us on quite the emotional roller coaster ride. Which moment was particularly poignant to you and made you tear up (or suddenly realize there was something in your eye)?

3. It’s clear that every member of our core cast (plus lovely guest star Juliana Dever) poured their heart and soul into making last night’s episode as emotionally gripping as it was. Who would you like to spotlight as a stand-out performer in “Under Fire”?

4. “Under Fire” was one of those rare episodes that shift the focus off of Beckett & Castle and onto members of our outstanding supporting cast. We don’t get too many of these episodes so, when we do, what do you most enjoy about them?

One response to “STR #165 01/07/14 S6e11 “Under Fire” Recap

  1. For question #3 it is a real toss-up but I have to say it was Stana herself! Here is the reason for my decision: Stana has the amazing natural ability to speak without using her voice. This is a talent that, for her I believe, was not taught to her in acting school in as much as a God given natural ability. Her face, her eyes, the way her body is postured says everything about her charaters emotions . I have not seen anyone better at this. She is not “acting” she literally becomes her charater; for that ment, she IS Kate Beckett!

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