STR #161 11/19/13 S6e9 “Disciple” Recap

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Jeepers creepers! “Disciple” lived up to the hype and was certainly one of if not THE downright scariest episodes of Castle ever. Written by David Amann and directed by Rob Bowman, this episode left us all shaking in our boots along with Kate Beckett. We were also left with many questions and tons of possibilities where 3XK is concerned. So, here are tonight’s discussion questions.

1. What do you think is the significance of that final scene? What do you imagine was going through Beckett’s and Castle’s minds in that last moment?

2. “Disciple” was certainly one of the most dark and disturbing episodes of Castle that we have seen in quite some time. What was it about the episode for you that was most effective in making you shudder?

3. We had been waiting for 3XK’s return for quite some time and this was a really unexpected/creative way to handle it. He made his presence known without allowing himself to be seen. Looking down the road, how do you imagine he will resurface the next time around?

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