STR #160 11/12/13 S6e8 “A Murder Is Forever” Recap

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Last night’s episode, “A Murder Is Forever”, was a classic Castle episode. The case had lots of twists and turns, we got a dose of the Rysposito bromance, Gates gave Castle more than a few stinky eyes, and Lanie showed up to say hello…plus, we had some really sweet moments between Castle and Beckett as they considered how to best begin to build a home together. It was also the first episode written by the dynamic writing duo of Dara and Chad Creasey!!! So, here are tonight’s discussion questions:

Which areas of their personal “territory” do you think Castle & Beckett still need to share with each other as they move toward getting married?

Let’s give those fabulous Creaseys some love! What did you particularly enjoy about their very first episode of Castle?

The word “priceless” was used a bit last night? What is it about Castle, in general, that makes it “priceless” to you?

It’s clear that Castle & Beckett are looking forward to adding to their story. What has been something you’ve always enjoyed about their story? What are you hoping to see as a future chapter for them?

One response to “STR #160 11/12/13 S6e8 “A Murder Is Forever” Recap

  1. Priceless because it’s a love story that shows true love, two very good actors that makes romance feel good!!! Love there story, watch show because of them. Feeling happy is priceless! 🙂

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