STR #158 10/29/13 S6e6 Castle “Get A Clue” Recap

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The title of last night’s episode, “Get a Clue”, had more than one meaning. Besides the clues Castle and Beckett followed to solve the case, Castle was finally clued into what’s behind Alexis’ recent behavior. So, everyone is all fired up and ready to chat about this episode! Take a peek at tonight’s discussion questions! Can’t call in but want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment below!!!

1. Now that you have more of a clue as to what’s going on with Alexis, where do you stand in the Castle vs Alexis debate?

2. It’s been noted that Kate hasn’t been too involved when it comes to the Alexis/Pi situation? Why do you think that is? Would you like her to be more involved? How so?

3. How do you think this rift with Alexis might affect Castle going forward?

4. What did you particularly enjoy about last night’s episode?

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