STR #157 10/22/13 S6e5 Castle “Time Will Tell” Recap

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Team MilMar have done it again! “Time Will Tell” had us all at the edge of our seats as we went along for the ride as Beckett & Castle (along with Ryan & Espo) tried to unravel a case involving science nerds, murder, and possible time travel. This episode, written by Terri Edda & Andrew Marlowe, gave us some squee-worthy hints about the future of our favorite couple and delved into one of the toughest spots Castle has ever found himself in when in comes to being a father.

We hope you’re all ready to chat with us tonight! So, take a peek at the questions below and gather your thoughts! If you can’t join us but would still love to add to the conversation just leave us a comment in the space below.

1. “Cuffed”, “Always”, “The Lives of Others”, and now “Time Will Tell”; there’s just something special about any episode written by Terri Miller and Andrew Marlowe. What do you love most about the “MilMar” style of writing?

2. There was a lot of talk about Castle and Beckett’s future in last night’s episode. When you look down the road a bit what are you most hopeful to see happen for these two as they continue to grow as a couple?

3. Castle is obviously having a hard time dealing with Alexis moving out of the loft. What do you foresee as possible fallout from this situation?

4. What was something you particularly enjoyed about “Time Will Tell”?

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