STR #156 10/15/13 S6e4 Castle “Number One Fan” Recap

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SHE’S BAAAAAACK!!! Last night’s episode, “Number One Fan”, concluded with the triumphant return of Kate Beckett to the 12th precinct! This episode, written by Terence Paul Winter and directed by John Terlesky, had us all on the edge of our seats as Castle navigated his way through yet another hostage crisis (this time as the negotiator) and Beckett found herself working with her crew at the 12th once again to prove that an innocent woman was being framed for murder. In true TPW style, this was a gripping episode with lots of really fantastic classic Castle moments.

We’re looking forward to talking about last night’s episode with you on STR tonight! Here are the discussion questions we’ll be centering our chat around in just a little while.

1) Taking into account the events of “Number One Fan” and season 6 (so far) as a whole, what are you noticing about the evolution of the relationship between Castle and Beckett?

2) This episode had a lot of people talking last night. What’s one element of “Number One Fan” that you particularly enjoyed?

3) Ok, so, let’s talk about Pi. What’s your take on this minor character who’s causing a whole lot of controversy amongst the fandom?

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