STR #155 10/10/13 CBGB NYC|S6e3 “Need to Know” Recap

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Episode 6×03, “Need to Know”, brought us to the end of Kate Beckett’s career as a Federal Agent. There is much to discuss about this episode, so let’s get down to it! These are the discussion questions for tonight’s round table!!!

1) So, Beckett’s time in DC officially came to an end in Monday night’s episode. Were you satisfied with how that story arc came to an end?

2) How do you imagine her experience in DC, including being fired, might affect Beckett both personally and professionally? How can you see the fallout of her firing reverberating into future episodes?

3) The first 3 episodes brought several big changes and a few new characters into the “Castle” world. How have you been enjoying the changes thus far?

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