STR #154 10/03/13 Paley|CBGB |S6e2″Dreamworld” Recap

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Wow! So much to discuss this week! Many of our STR community members (including our very own Miah and Sheryll) were in LA this past week for both the Castle event at Paley as well as the LA premiere of Stana Katic’s new movie, “CBGB”! Let’s not forget that we also had a brand new episode of Castle (6×02), “Dreamworld”, the gripping conclusion to the season premiere, “Valkyrie”.

Because there is so much to discuss tonight we will likely have a shortened round table. So, the two discussion questions for tonight are as follows:

1) Last week we had our first introduction to Beckett’s DC team (McCord, Hendricks, and Villante) and really got to see much more of them in action this week. What are your thoughts on how Beckett is adapting and relating to her new team?

2) To me, “Dreamworld” had more than one meaning. While it is, on the surface, a reference to the episode’s secret military base I think it is also a commentary on Beckett’s current situation. In the midst of her digging up and uncovering the reality of the case, she also began to have some realizations of the choice she made to go to DC. What do you think she has begun to realize by episode’s end?

One response to “STR #154 10/03/13 Paley|CBGB |S6e2″Dreamworld” Recap

  1. I know the queue was crowded tonight so I didn’t get a chance to talk, but, I just wanted to thank you all for being so sweet to me and including me in your experience. Paley was fun and it was nice to get to go to dinner with you guys after the Paley event. With the CBGB event, even with all the crap with those thugs/losers at the ArcLight, you guys made it possible for me to be able to stay, by saving a place for me (so I could lean on my rock)…I cannot thank you enough if it hadn’t been for you, I would not have gotten to meet Stana and I am so grateful to Mindy for taking the pictures of me & Stana. You guys are AWESOME! So were all the other STR voices that I got to meet in person! Thanks – Maria 🙂

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