STR #152 09/17/13 “Spoil Me STR!!” *ALERT* 100% Spoiler Show

Tonight we’ll be gathering to put all the Season 6 spoilers on the table and share our theories about what’s to come during what’s sure to be another fantastic season of our favorite show.

Here are tonight’s discussion questions:

1) As seen in the sneak peek, the first line of S6 is, “Oh my God! You’re proposing! I thought you were breaking up with me!”

What do you see as the outcome of this scene?

2) According to Danielle Turchiano from many of the DC sets are very dark which might reflect Beckett’s state of mind while she is there. It seems to indicate that she is not altogether pleased with at least one of the choices she has made for her life.

Assuming the choice to take the DC job is the one she regrets, what do you think will lead her to decide to resign from this job? How do you see her returning to the 12th?

3) Let’s talk about Rachel McCord. What role do you see her playing in Beckett’s new life in DC?

One response to “STR #152 09/17/13 “Spoil Me STR!!” *ALERT* 100% Spoiler Show

  1. just wanna add a thought about the discussion on Beckett’s motivation in wanting to pursue the DC job.
    During the job interview, she was directly challenged: “if you think that you’re just a homicide cop, door is right over there” and she responds “no sir, i know why i’m here.” I think one of the reasons that drove her to give it a shot is that she wanted to be more than just a cop. I remember the After Hours episode when she and Castle had a fight about their parents and how that fight wasn’t actually about their parents but was in fact about them. Beckett was worried about how different their worlds are; that he is this world famous best-selling author and she is just a cop. so i think she took the DC job opportunity to bring her professional life a step higher to be at par with Castle or be at least anywhere close to where he is in terms of level of success. I agree with what Sheryll said that Castle is her one-and-done-thing so she tries to make an effort to bring their worlds together because she really does love him and wants to make their relationship work.
    i don’t know if this is making any sense, but that’s just what popped up my mind… thanks guys for the very engaging discussion. i really enjoyed listening to everyone’s ideas.

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