STR #149 08/13/13 “How We Made Love” is FLOve!

Tonight is all about LOVE! We’ll be discussing the Polish brothers’ film “For Lovers Only” (starring Stana Katic and Mark Polish) and its riveting behind the scenes companion documentary “How We Made Love”.

Can’t join us live but have so much to say? No problem! Check out tonight’s discussion questions and leave your comments in the space below. We’d love to hear from you!

1. Though FLO is a film unlike the typical mainstream films out there, it’s one that has captivated people from all corners of the earth. What is it about FLO that captures your heart and makes you want to watch again and again?
2. How has How We Made Love enhanced your enjoyment of and experience with FLO?
3. In HWML Stana teases that there could be a FLO 2 in the future. If that movie does materialize one day, what story would you like to be told?

2 responses to “STR #149 08/13/13 “How We Made Love” is FLOve!

  1. I can’t call in cause i’m at work 😦
    But here are my answers to the above questions.
    1- What i love about FLO is its intimacy and its realism.
    2- HWML was such a great gift cause it showed us firstly how they went about making the film, as well as how much love they all felt for it and how much work they put into it. It was lovely for them to share that with us.
    3- I would love a FLO 2 but it would have to be a continuation of the story – perhaps when they are back in their daily lives again, struggling without each other, and it could tell the story of how they find their lives connecting once again. People who love each other as much as these two do will always find a way back to each other.

  2. 2. Sorry I had to go, but I wanted to include my thoughts for question 2. HWML enhanced FLO for me with all of the deleted dialogue and the excerpts from Sofia’s diary. All of those lines/excerpts really played a huge part in better understanding certain scenes and I could imagine where they would fit in in the film. I loved the excerpts from the diary the most because it really gave you as the viewer a chance to understand Sofia better and her feelings for Yves more. I’m glad they included those in the film.

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