STR #148 07/23/13 Pre Castle S6 ~ Any Summer Speculations?

Season 6 is upon us! We have just 8 weeks to go and LOTS of theories to throw around until then. Tonight’s round table is all about sharing what you’re thinking as we gain some information about the new season.

Here are tonight’s discussion questions. If you can’t call (or even if you do and just have more to say) feel free to share your thoughts here!

1. Let’s imagine the first 2-3 episodes of S6. What do you suppose is happening as we enter this brand new season?

2. We left S5 with Beckett having to make some life-changing decisions? Based on what you think those decisions will be, how do you think her relationships with Castle as well as her team/friends will be affected?

3. If Beckett does indeed choose to go to DC how do you think AWM & Co will get her back to NYC?

4. Let’s get into the heads of the writers for a moment. Looking ahead at the entirety of S6, what are some developments you would like to see unfold and issues you would like to see explored? Knowing the pace of how this show has evolved, where can you realistically see Castle and Beckett end up by May 2014?

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