STR #146 06/25/13 “Superman: Unbound” Discussion

On Saturday, June 22, STR hosted a “Superman: Unbound” international viewing party to celebrate Stana’s latest project, starring as Lois Lane in this newly released animated movie. Join us tonight to chat about the movie and, of course, Stana’s spectacular performance as heroine Lois Lane.

If you can’t join us to chat live or just prefer to listen in to the conversation, feel free to share your thoughts to tonight’s discussion questions right here!

1) What do you think Stana brought to the role of Lois Lane that no one else could have?

2) We are starting to see Stana take on some very different roles from that of Kate Beckett (i.e. Genya Ravan in the upcoming “CBGB” and Lois Lane in “Superman: Unbound). What’s a project/role you would love to see her take on next?

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