STR #145 06/11/13 “Watershed” Finale- Any Second Thoughts?

After our group rewatch of “Watershed”, we’re wondering if you have any new thoughts/insights about the events of the season finale. Has your opinion of the episode changed since the first time you saw it? Have you developed any new thoughts or theories about where our favorite duo will be come 6×01?

Here are tonight’s discussion questions! Read ’em over, gather your thoughts, and join us tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST as we dive back into this complicated episode and share our ideas. Can’t make the show but still want to share your thoughts? Post away in the space below!!!

Q1. What decision do you think Beckett made in that interrogation room? Is this the same opinion you held after the first viewing?

Q2. Where do you think Season 6 will pick up? Do you have an opening scene formulating in your mind?

One response to “STR #145 06/11/13 “Watershed” Finale- Any Second Thoughts?

  1. I really wanted to call and participate but some of you know of my mom’s fall and I’m not really in a frame of mind to do so, but I still wanted to answer, so here are my thoughts.
    1) I still believe she decided not to take the job when interrogating the guy, I also realized why she told the boys she had something to tell them. Ppl been saying it doesn’t make sense for her to say that if she’s not taking the job, I disagree, those boys are her brothers and she knows they’ll be hurt if they find out from another source and we Gates knowing it could come out, so for me that makes total sense.
    2) I really hope S6 it’s gonna pick up right at the swings, with her telling him that they need to REALLY talk about their issues before giving him an answer.

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