STR #142 05/14/13 S5e24 ‘Watershed’ Recap

STR #142 05/14/13 S5e24 Finale ‘Watershed’ Recap

Every week we have a round table discussion on STR during which time we share our thoughts on the previous night’s episode of Castle. If you would like to participate in this week’s conversation you can always call us to join the chat. You can also leave your thoughts here and read what other fans have to say!

Q1 Each and every one of us took away something different from the events of Watershed. What did you walk away from the finale thinking? What do you think are the implications for season 6?

Q2 What role did this week’s case play in heightening the tension surrounding Caskett, Beckett, and her dilemma?

8 responses to “STR #142 05/14/13 S5e24 ‘Watershed’ Recap

  1. The first point I’d like to make about Watershed is that in every moment of every scene, Stana’s performance was Right. On. The. Mark. Brava!

  2. Great show tonight guys as always! Love how everyone can see the same scene and have a different reaction! And that you guys foster us to have an opinion and share it! I like to think that is what AWM and the cast and crew are trying to achieve with this amazing show! Each episode is always so thought provoking and challenges us with the wide range of emotions it evokes. Can’t wait for season 6

  3. Loved the discussions last night. I was not able to get through but I wanted to mention how awesome the hairporn was in the swing scene. When Kate was walking towards the swings the wind was slightly blowing her hair and it was amazing. That is all. Lol

  4. Yes. The hairporn. I agree with Sarah.

    Also, I still don’t know why there has to be a job vs family choice in 2013. Girl power, doods!

    …and Stana, please, PLEASE STOP. You are hurting my mortal eyes and sensibilities with your perfection and overall Stana(no letters from Stana)-ness.

  5. Q2 (only partial I’ll comment more tomorrow) I want from S6 the conversation with Gates where she say something like “I didn’t stay for Castle, I stayed for me, because I’m gonna to became the youngest female captain in NYPD! And also because I’m good cop, and NY need good cops, not just good FBI agent.
    Also did you notice when she had the job interview the guy said something like We want you for your ability to think outside the box, which is actually what Castle taught her to do. So they don’t want Kate, they want Caskett!

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