2013 STR Round Table Archive

STR #153 9/24/13 S6e1 Castle Premiere “Valkyrie” Recap

STR #154 10/03/13 Paley|CBGB |S6e2″Dreamworld” Recap

STR #155 10/10/13 CBGB NYC|S6e3 “Need to Know” Recap

STR #156 10/15/13 S6e4 Castle “Number One Fan” Recap

STR #157 10/22/13 S6e5 Castle “Time Will Tell” Recap

STR #158 10/29/13 S6e6 Castle “Get A Clue” Recap

STR #159 11/05/13 S6e7 “Like Father Like Daughter” Recap

STR #160 11/12/13 S6e8 “A Murder Is Forever” Recap

STR #161 11/19/13 S6e9 “Disciple” Recap

STR #162 11/26/13 S6e10 “The Good,The Bad,And The Baby” Recap

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