About Us


STANA TALK RADIO (STR) is a non-profit podcast run by fans and hosted via “the largest online talk radio network”, Blog Talk Radio. (BTR) All STR episodes are free to listen to or download in iTunes Podcasts and on BTR.


To provide a positive and encouraging place to promote and support actress Stana Katic with a focus on her professional career.  We are committed to providing additional fun places for people around the world to share their encouraging thoughts, views and talents in support of Stana.


To foster an optimistic, cheering, resonating “voice” in striving to wish the very best for our favorite actress, Stana Katic in all of her professional endeavors.

STR Avatar:

Created and designed specifically for StanaTalkRadio as the result of our 2013 contest. This original artwork is used by permission of the contest-winning artist and contains no copyrighted material. The artist wishes to remain anonymous.

STR Hosts:

Sheryll in Kansas: Sheryll created Stana Talk Radio back in April of 2010, after dreaming up the idea sitting outside of the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills in March. Sheryll runs the dashboard on STR and screens all of the incoming calls while our show is on the air. She also reports on the latest Castle ratings. She is the mastermind behind Stana Talk Radio and she has been here to support and promote Stana from the very beginning.

Miah in Oregon: Miah joined the STR team in July of 2012 and originally came on board as the STR Correspondent Coordinator, but she quickly assumed her position as a co-host on the show, reporting the latest Stana and Castle news headlines. Miah’s lighthearted comedic nature always adds humor to each segment’s impromptu commentary.

Elena in Brooklyn, NY: Elena was welcomed onto the team as STR Roundtable Facilitator in August 2012. As a public school teacher in Brooklyn, Elena has a natural ability to come up with thought-provoking questions about the latest Castle episodes and engages all of our callers in interesting conversations each week.

The STR call in number is (347) 857-4368 or you can Skype in for free via the STR/BTR show page.