Stana Katic New York Press Tour

Stana visited New York City to promote the new Castle episode, “Time of Our Lives”, and to talk about her Alternative Travel Project.

First, she was on Good Morning America. This was Stana’s third visit to the show. This time she was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. She talked about “Time of Our Lives” of course, but she also talked a little about the following episode. She was also able to talk a little about ATP, encouraging people to go car free for at least one day.

Later in the morning, Stana was on The View! This was Stana’s first time on the show. It was a VERY short interview. They talked briefly about “Time of Our Lives” and mentioned the fact that Stana likes to ride the Metro in L.A.

After The View, Stana headed over to SiriusXM Radio where she did an interview on The Jolt with Larry Flick. This was a fantastic interview. You might remember that Stana did an interview with him last year to promote Castle and her movie, CBGB, and that interview was really great as well. Larry asks some really insightful and thoughtful questions, and he seems just as impressed with Stana as we all are.

They discuss what makes Castle special and what Stana likes about her character, Beckett. They also have a really interesting discussion about being a working actor and how you keep sharp and keep yourself interested while working on a long-runnning show, especially a procedural that kind of has a formula. Part of the challenge is finding ways to be creative. Stana revealed that she scratches that itch by doing play readings at home with friends. She also finds inspiration by making time to see other people’s work that she admires in theater, opera, and film.

And lastly, she met up with TVLine’s Matt Mitovich for an interview about “Time of Our Lives” and “Once Upon A Time in the West”. She talks about her reaction to last season’s finale, as well as her thoughts about the alternate universe and about the wedding ceremony. Stana also says how much fun it was to shoot the western-themed episode, especially the gunslinging. In addition, she talks a bit about “Kill Switch” and gives a very small tease for another future episode. Stana also spoke a little about her thoughts on the future of the show beyond season 7.

Be sure to check out all of these interviews below!


Stana Katic talks life, career, and all things CASTLE on The Jolt with Larry Flick

TVLine Interview Part 1

TVLine Interview Part 2

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