5 responses to “Stana Fan Fest 2014 Survey

  1. Since it is only a one day event, have a few group activities that allow people to mingle together and get to know each other. The idea of a movie is limiting but if someone put together a video of “STANA HIGHLIGHTS” that would be very cool and we could all fangirl together.

  2. Is there any chance that Stana could do a brief appearance? I don’t need a movie since I watch all of hers over and over but I would watch again of course.

  3. How I wish I could go,but living in Norway makes that not likely.
    What about having a similar event in Europe,we are lots of fans in this part of the world also.👍

  4. Lucky you in USA.What about us in Europe,there is lots of fans who would love to have an opertuniy to gather.
    Just a though or an Idea. anyone?🌹

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