12 responses to “New Stana Talk Radio Poll!

    • Hi Lyn,
      At this point we don’t have any of those details yet, we are just seeing if there’s interest before we plan anything specific. We will keep everyone posted! Thanks for asking. -Miah

      • Definitely would be interested if it were in Cinti. (or within an hours drive) and in a park with bring your own picnic baskets and something to share (I hate to drive and I’m cheap!).

  1. Definitely! Tell me when and where and I will be there! I have 30 years of Project and Planning Management experience and would be happy to help any way I can.

  2. Any chance it could be in the summer where the weather would not be such an issue for traveling and some of the teachers would have the summer off? Maybe the middle of June? Just a thought.

  3. I live in Ireland so it depends on where it would be but yea would love to. I got to meet two of my castle buddy’s a few months back in London and when I was talking to them all the time it’s great to say hello in person 🙂

  4. Wow, it would be quite a feat in coordination with the round the world fans! Maybe an east coast meet up at a Stana Event (CGBG) and west coast meet up be around something Stana related where we can embrace CHLA or ATP L.A. style……..or ofcourse Castle!

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